When can I withdraw my money?
We pay out all affiliates on the 10th of every month. To be placed in the processing queue, you must have clicked the "Request Payout" button that appears in your account when you are eligible.

I don't have a website!
No worry about that, you can start your website using our affordable plans or you can promote YouStable on your Youtube channel, Social media platforms, Forums, etc.

How long does the Tracking Cookie Last for?
Our tracking cookie will remain active for 60 days.

How do I get Paid?
We offer payment via: PayPal and Bank Wire transfer.

Where is ₹1000 bonus deposited and how can I withdraw ₹1000 bonus amount?
The ₹1000 bonus amount is added to your YouStable affiliate account. In your referral dashboard, you can see it under current earnings. To withdraw the bonus amount, your balance must reach ₹7500 so that your account will be eligible for the payout.

If the client placed the order using my referral link, will I get the commission?
You will receive the commission.

Where should I place a banner on my site?
You can place the banner in the header or footer section of your homepage, or in the left or right sidebar of the page, so that visitors can easily see it, or you can place the banner on a more engaging or popular page or post.

For more converting places and methods you can contact our dedicated affiliate manager at ashish@youstable.com

In case, I refer a client to YouStable, when will I get to know that is it successfully referred or not?
If the client you referred completes the order and pays, you will be eligible for the commission. Under the commission tab in the affiliate dashboard, you can check the status. We will approve the commission after 60 days, but it will be in the pending approval section until then.

Can I PPC bid to promote YouStable Hosting?
Yes, but please do not bid on our corporate name, variation of our corporate name, misspelling, or any keyword that contains a portion of it including "YouStable", "YouStable Hosting", "YouStable.com".
Focus on bids for keywords like "WordPress Hosting", "cPanel hosting" and "Python hosting" and so on. Please contact us if you need help brainstorming keywords.

I have forgotten my User ID and password.
You will have to email ashish@youstable.com from the email ID you used to register for the YouStable Affiliate program.

When will be my commission be approved?
After 60 days have passed since the client's purchase date, your commission is approved.

Can I get customised banners for my website?
Yes, you get customised banners for your website. You just have to send your banner requirement details to ashish@youstable.com

What are Plans Eligible for Referrals?
The Web Hosting plans that are eligible for a commission are:

Shared Hosting
WordPress Hosting
cPanel Hosting
Python Hosting
VPS Hosting
CyberPanel VPS
DirectAdmin VPS
cPanel VPS
Dedicated servers