What is your Commission structure?
We pay up to %25 recurring commission/sales and this one of the highest paying Affiliate Programs.

How long does it take for a sale to show up in my account?
It should show up immediately.

I just made a sale. Where can I see it?
Log in to https://partner.youstable.com. On the bottom right side, you will see see all of your Pending and Approved commissions.

I've been approved for the YouStable Hosting affiliate program. Now what do I do?
Log into your affiliate account to access YouStable marketing materials by clicking the “Banners and Links” Tab. Choose the marketing material you would like to add to your site, you will see Banner codes right side of all banners, and copy/paste this code to your site. When someone clicks on that link and purchases a hosting account, you earn a commission.

Can I PPC bid to promote YouStable Hosting?
Yes, but please do not bid on our corporate name, variation of our corporate name, misspelling, or any keyword that contains a portion of it including "YouStable", "YouStable Hosting", "YouStable.com".

Focus on bids for keywords like "fast hosting", "PHP hosting" and "WordPress hosting". Please contact us if you need help brainstorming keywords. Make sure to add YouStable, Interserver hosting, YouStable hosting, YouStable.com, and YouStable web hosting as negative campaign keywords.

I've made a sale. Now when do I get paid?
After 60 days a valid sale will change from status “Pending” to “Approved”. Once the sale is Pending it will be paid during the first 7 days of the month

I have a approved sale that did not get paid.
There might be a few reasons for this. Sometimes we need more time to validate a sale. One easy thing to check to make sure your payment method is set.

Can I use my affiliate link for self-referrals on accounts I'll use for personal use?
No. Any contact with a resold account will result in automatic failure of the sale.

Rejected means the commission has failed permanently.

Some reasons for this could be:

The customer has already signed up with us in the past.
The same payment method was used as another account
The system detected that you the affiliate are also using the customer's account.
Since our payout of 25% recurring per sale is often way more than we recover from the customer even after 1 year. We have a strict policy in place to catch referrals that do not meet our guidelines. If you are referring a friend or a customer just give them a link or a coupon. Do not share payment types and do not use the account.

This plan is not going to work with us (or any other hosting affiliate program). Once there are matches made across multiple accounts the commission's fail. This is done to prevent the same person from signing up and making money off our affiliate program by referring themselves.

You might want to consider hosting the customers directly and bill them yourself using something like PayPal. You can buy a reseller hosting account from us and get started