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If you are a Blogger, YouTuber, Website Developer or Social Media Influencer and have good connections with your Audience interested in Websites, Blogging, and App Development then you could earn a huge commission on each customer you bring to YouStable.com

How Does It Work?

Once you sign up with our Partnership Program, you'll get your Unique referral Link, Write a Blog Post, Make Videos or Directly share with your interested customer.

Any user who purchases Hosting using your link'll receive a fixed CPA based on your SLAB.

Do you want a Higher CPA?

We currently have 3 commission SLAB for Indian Hosting customers which is up to Rs5000/Sale but if you think that you can bring us more genuine customers (More than 50 sales commitments per month) we are flexible to negotiate the CPA amount.

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Program Details

Commission Type Pay-Per-Sale ₹1,000.00 INR for each sale you deliver.
Initial Deposit ₹ 1,000.00 INR - Just for signing up!
Payout Requirements ₹ 7,500.00 INR - Minimum balance required for payout.